Introduction, Project TAOFF

So here is the deal: In the past three years I must have deleted about three blogs, 100 posts and 300 drafts. It appears my talent for writing is very limited when my audience becomes wider than my mother, sister and best friends. Clearly, I needed help, so I asked the smartest being I know –

The rules are pretty simple: Find something the readers want to read about… Provide something for the readers… Keep the readers in focus…

Done deal!…. sort off… in a way… not really… I am screwed.

I am, by definition, quite weird… odd… a little freakish, perhaps… my interest can be general and particular at the same time, and yet completely dull. And writing about something I do not care for is like putting a monkey in lab with dangerous chemicals; it will not end well.


You turn failures into results of an experiment. While the great bloggers are providing you with quality, I will be playing around and conduct experiments to exploit how a blogger can change their style and contain to intrigued readers in different topics. The first experiment will be on the topic of Fantastic Literature (this is a blog about stories after all), and my job will be to make the topic interesting for as many readers as possible.

To get clear results, I will add one (or more) poll(s) in every post to examine the experience and the motive of blog readers. What are blog readers really looking for, and how much power do we bloggers really have?

I call this Project TAOFF (The Age of Fantastic Fuel), which will end in last days of January where I will post the findings of this project, and hopefully conduct a new one… and if I get none respond, I can merely say: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10.000 ways that doesn’t work”.

The first blog in this experiment is about the popularity of recent vampire novels. However, instead of turning it into some vague analysis assignment, I will write it as a stream of consciousness.


So hope to see yah around, Wanderers, and may you have an inspiring day!


Hearty Author


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